RACEPLACE Athlete of the Month

RACEPLACE Athlete of the month

Do YOU have what it takes to be our Athlete of the Month presented by Roadrunner Sports?


What you win?

We’ve teamed up with Road Runner Sports for your chance to win a $120 gift card for a new pair of shoes of your choice. We also feature you in our magazine and on RACEPLACE.com…. Serious bragging rights!

Who can enter?

Anyone and everyone!

How to play?

Click on the enter button below and enter the contest. Once the contest ends, we will let you know if you’ve won!

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Time left to enter May #RPAOM:

Check out some of our previous winners:

Jessica Young – Seattle – December 2016


A photo posted by jessica young (@jessuhcuh) on

Susie Kim – March 2016

A photo posted by #seeSUSIE (@susieeekim) on


Cary Russell – January 2016

A post shared by Cary Russell (@carysjourney) on

Robert Quinn – November 2015
















Morgan Jaldon – September 2015


A photo posted by MO? (@mojaldy) on


Pam Medhurst – May 2015


A photo posted by Pam Medhurst (@pamrunner) on


Bernard Llave – March 2015


A photo posted by b.strong (@teambstrong) on


Enter for your chance to win and become the next RACEPLACE Athlete of the Month! #RPAOM


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