Find your ideal BPM for Running

BPM Training
It’s all about the beats, bout the beats ( BPM =beats per minute!)

Yesterday at about 6am, my 5k run was getting started in the usual way: Cliff, one of the RockMyRun mascots (otherwise known as my 80 pound lab) was strapped to my waist.  My headphones were in, and the pre-dawn fog hung around us like grey, misty blanket.

That’s when it happened.

The sounds of Feel The Magic (a mix I like to refer to as my “Soulmix” – my soul mate in a mix) started carrying my feet forward, and suddenly, my morning grogginess was replaced with energy and enthusiasm.  I ran happier, I ran faster, I ran without abandon.

Why did it happen?  It’s all about the BPM my friends.  

Feel the Magic is a mix of music spun together by the talented DJ Marc Thrasher, at a steady 170 beats per minute (aka BPM).  This is important because as I found out my natural cadence is at about 176 steps per minute (SPM).

Rock my run

Turns out, this magic happens when a mix’s BPM is very close to your SPM. In other words, when the beats match your steps you feel better.

Every one of us on the RockMyRun team has had this happen.  It’s a special moment, and we want to make it happen for you!

Let’s get you close:

Here’s a loose idea of what your steps per minute might look like based on your height and pace. When thinking about pace, think of it in terms of what you might do for a long-ish run for you (whether that’s a 5k or marathon :))


Less than 9 min/mi 9-11 min/mi 11 min/mi+
5′ 4″ & shorter 170+ SPM 160-170 SPM 150-160 SPM
5′ 5″ to 5′ 11″ 165+ SPM 155-165 SPM 145-155 SPM
6′ and taller 160+ SPM 150-160 SPM 140-150 SPM


So if you’re 5’7” and run roughly a 9 min. mile when you’re running longer distances, you can expect your SPM to be in the 155-170 range.


For a little more accuracy: Rock My Run counts your steps while you’re running!

Bet you didn’t know that!  We do this so that you can adjust the mix to your exact cadence or have us automatically adjust it when you’re running!


Here is how to find your steps per minute in 3 easy steps (see what I did there?)

  1. Fire up the RockMyRun app
  2. Select any mix and head out for your workout
  3. Once you stop, take a look at the screen and you’ll see your average steps per minute (SPM) proudly displayed front and center!


With this new found info, whether from the chart above or from the app, you can find a mix with the right BPM for your SPM.  You can do this by simply filtering your search results by mix BPM and you’ll be set to go!

On behalf of the entire RockMyRun team, I hope you find your magical moment soon!

Rock on friends!



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