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  • cover-cycling-rides

    Top Cycling Routes in Southern California

    If you are a cyclist in California, you’ve ridden on the Historic Pacific Coast Highway 101.  It’s easily the most popular cycling route on the west coast.  While the majesty of the ocean and [...]
  • 5-mental-benefits-of-yoga

    5 Yoga Techniques for a Mental Edge

      You’ve probably heard about the physical benefits of yoga for runners, including a decreased risk of injury, an increase in strength and improved overall performance; but you may be less [...]
  • 5-top-runs-SD

    Top 5 Must-Do Runs in San Diego

    With perfect weather year round, varying terrain from mountains to beaches and miles of roads to train on, San Diego is a runner’s paradise. You can find endless courses to consider for this list [...]
  • 11182285_422315594607000_8737382161624575353_n

    Living instead of Existing

    Where do you start? When you’re weighing in at 457 pounds and you’ve been overweight for most of your adult life, what diet do you embrace to help stop the madness? The date was February 7, 2012. [...]
  • featired-Running-5-tips

    5 Tips to Get Race-Day Ready

    Signing up for a race, whether it’s your first or your hundredth, is exciting. It also requires planning: You plan your workouts, your runs, your rest days, your nutrition, your sleep and even your [...]

How Much Meat Should You Eat?

by Matt Fitzgerald in NutritionPlace

  Recently I spent two weeks in Kenya studying the diet of that country’s elite runners. One of the interesting features of this diet is that it is low in meat. The typical elite Kenyan runner consumes meat no more than three or four times per week. Kenya is a poor country, where meat is an expensive luxury. While the most successful [...]




Athlete of the Month

  • 2016MarRPAOM

    Athlete of the Month – March 2016

    February 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

    Susie Kim Susie is one of our RACEPLACE Ambassadors, an active enthusiast and a lover of fitness. She has competed in the Ragnar Relay, Nike Womens half marathon, Seattle [...]

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